Principal's Address

  • What can we learn from the respectable Mr. Cheng Wing Gee?
  • When I first served in Christian Alliance Cheng Wing Gee College, I knew that the school was built in the name of God with the passion for Christian education by the Kowloon Tong Church of the Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance Hong Kong in September 1984. A devout Christian, Mr. Cheng Wing Gee, donated a generous sum of money and hence the school was named after him. I was first impressed by the generosity of Mr. Cheng while having heard of his story.

    Later I got more contacts with the son of Mr. Cheng, Mr. James KP Cheng, and I had better understanding of his beloved father. In the early 80’s of the last century, the business of Meyer Aluminium Limited was not good. The financial condition of the company was not good to the extent that it actually got into debt. Yet, Mr. Cheng donated a generous sum of money to church for the building of a secondary school in response to the love and grace of God that he felt and experienced. I can hardly imagine how a businessman made such a decision when he was suffering from financial difficulty. This extraordinary act of Mr. Cheng tells us that our belief can give us a direction for very special commitments and at the same time there is inner strength from God that we can rely on to face with the difficulties ahead.

    With great perseverance and strenuous efforts of Mr. Cheng and his team, Meyer got out of debt years later. Mr. James Cheng has told me that his family business is now doing well. In the manufacturing factory in Hong Kong and Thailand, products of very high quality are produced by the very fine aluminium circle, coil and sheet, which make the goods very durable, versatile and applicable in many industries. The current prosperity of his company is probably out of the expectation of Mr. Cheng, when he first started his business 60 years ago. Mr. Cheng Wing Gee showed us how to serve God and serve the people around.

    As members of Christian Alliance Cheng Wing Gee College, it is my sincere wish that our students and teachers can learn from the respectable Mr. Cheng Wing Gee - his faithfulness to God, serious attitude towards work and loving kindness to the people around him.

    There is always great Providence from God and I like to share with you the following bible verse from the letter of Apostle Paul to the Philippians :

    ‘And my God will fully satisfy every need of yours according to his riches in Glory in Christ Jesus.’
    (Philippians 4: 19)

    • Ms Chan Ka Lai


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